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Public Health Data Management Solution Infographic | SSG

Posted on May 27th, 2022   |   SSG

Public Health Data Management Solution Infographic

SSG’s Public Health Data Management Solution/DMS automates data collection and cleansing to standardize it for easier management, analysis, and reporting for your disease surveillance program.

Data Collection and Analytics

The DMS solution can ingest healthcare data from various sources and formats, including: 

  • Manual data entry in web browsers
  • File uploads via browser (i.e. xls, csv)
  • File uploads via sFTP
  • Electronic lab reporting (ELR) via health information exchange (HIE)
  • Direct FHIR-API and HL7 via cloud reporting

DMS allows laboratory report data submitters to upload example files to conduct initial content validation before they are allowed to submit data directly to your system. In addition to supporting the one-time file validation, DMS can also run workflows that can easily configure and update validation rules, automate data cleansing to standardize the varied data formats submitted, translate local codes to state required codes, and improve data quality. 

Electronic Lab Report Processing

1 After data submission, DMS will sort and analyze the data according to your program’s validation rules and standards. It will first take care of standardizing data formatting automatically for you, and then will identify any substandard or incomplete fields that don’t conform to the system’s intake rules that need more attention.   

2 A user from your program will get notified of any incomplete fields, so they can review the data before uploading it to the system, or send it back to the data submitter to fix if there is a critical issue. This minimizes the amount of time users have to spend manually sorting through and reviewing every data submission. 

3 Once the data meets requirements, your program can push the information through (either automatically or manually) to your core disease surveillance system for reporting.

The DMS solution can be used to upload numerous types of public health and disease surveillance datasets. It is compatible with FHIR-API and HL7.

DMS will also notify public health programs when labs stop sending data, so they can ensure they are able to keep up with the latest disease reporting requirements.