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Disease Surveillance Platform: Enhancing Public Health Delivery with SSG Platforms | SSG

Posted on March 31st, 2021   |   SSG

Adaptability for Sustained Surveillance and Prevention

At SSG we understand that time and funding is precious within the Public Health Community. Throughout our 17 years in business, we have seen our public health partners struggle with inflexible fit-to-purpose solutions that are expensive to maintain, hard to customize and don’t interoperate as needed for wholistic public health responses. That is why we created a dynamic and comprehensive Disease Surveillance solution specifically for Public Health called Casetivity. Casetivity provides all the Disease Surveillance functionality you need, including robust data exchange, extremely flexible configurability, case management functionality and strong security features.

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Casetivity Public Health Platform

Automate and Optimize Your Operations: Business Process First! Your operations are driven by
business processes. Casetivity allows you to establish processes end-to-end, help your organization
follow them, and then help make your processes smarter.

Unify your Data and Legacy Applications: Are You Spending Time and Money on a patch-work of
Legacy Systems? So many organizations spend money maintaining and using legacy systems that trap
their data in silos. With Casetivity you will be able to easily migrate legacy applications into a secure and
robust central system. The headache of your legacy applications will disappear and you’ll have an
actionable, single version of the truth regarding records within your enterprise. Since Casetivity has the
ability to support so many different program needs, you have the benefit of using a single system
throughout your program.

Reduce Risk and Costs. Leverage the Software as a Service to reduce risk and optimize costs. SSG is
well-positioned to take care of your IT needs so you can focus on the more important work or serving
your constituents.

Comprehensive Features for Disease Surveillance. Out of the box, Casetivity includes functionality in all
of these areas to support your program:

  • Outbreak Detection
  • Outbreak Management
  • Case Management
  • Contact Tracing
  • Electronic Data Collection
  • Follow Up Care Management
  • Reporting and Compliance
  • Automated Laboratory Test Result Dalia Exchange
  • AI-based Deduplication Algorithm

Only SSG combines the power of a highly configurable platform with the Disease Surveillance subject matter knowledge to put your Digital Transformation on the fast track.

FAQs: Questions about Disease Surveillance Systems

What is a Disease Surveillance Platform?

A Disease Surveillance Platform is a digital tool designed to collect, analyze and share data on diseases in real-time to support public health decision making and response.

What kind of data does the platform collect and analyze?

The platform collects and analyzes data related to disease outbreak and spread, including patient data, demographic information, and geographical information.

How does the platform support public health decision making?

The platform provides real-time data and insights that can inform public health officials’ decisions and responses to disease outbreaks, such as identifying high-risk areas, allocating resources, and tracking disease spread.

Is the platform accessible to all public health organizations?

Access to the platform may depend on the specific implementation and agreements in place. However, the goal is typically to make the platform widely accessible to support public health decision making and response.

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