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Posted on March 31st, 2021   |   SSG

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FAQs: Questions about COVID-19

What is a disease surveillance platform?

A disease surveillance platform is a web-based information system that stores and analyzes data relating to the spread of a single disease within a specific region, state, or territory. It collects information regarding the number of cases within the community, each person’s symptoms, their age, ethnicity, and other basic health information, as well as the possible means of exposure. It is a secure SSL platform to comply with the latest federal guidelines and patient privacy protections.

What is the role of local health authorities to implement the appropriate restrictions to control the spread and covid-19?

Local health authorities collect and analyze data regarding the spread of COVID-19 and related immunization information to help community leaders and the government implement policies designed to prevent infection. This information will also inform public messaging regarding the spread of COVID-19, so individuals can take steps to protect themselves from disease.

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