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Posted on February 2nd, 2023   |   SSG

Casetivity Software Platform Overview

Public health departments everywhere need a solution that can address their issues and allow employees to do their jobs more quickly, more easily, and more effectively to better serve our communities.

Introducing Casetivity, a software platform built for public health by experts in public health.

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FAQs: Questions about Casetivity Public Health Data Management Platform

What is Casetivity?

Casetivity can be used to produce all kinds of public health data reports on an individual, environmental, provider, or geographic basis. The system will automatically verify the data and alert users to possible duplicate/missing entries and adjust the case sample based on the purpose of the report.

How can Casetivity help reduce organizational costs?

Casetivity is completely customizable will automate any process end-to-end without the addition of custom software code, including data importing, analyzation, deduplication, cleansing, and department reporting. Workers no longer have to enter information by hand or track down sources for verification, so they are free to focus on other tasks. The department can scale up its operations with changing demand without brining on additional team members.

What kind of reports does Casetivity produce?

Casetivity is a public health data management platform for SaaS, Cloud-based, and on-site reporting. The software integrates siloed data systems and automates the collection and reporting process to help public health departments make the most of existing resources.

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