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SSG's Public Health Project Success Rate

Posted on November 6th, 2023   |   SSG

Strategic Solutions Group (SSG) has implemented dozens of successful public health IT projects since 2003. Cities, states, and local jurisdictions use our public health software for public health data collection and case management. Our Casetivity application has been highly rated by consumers, employees, and government officials. 

The Casetivity public health platform is a configurable, modular, web-based software solution for state and local health departments. It automates end-to-end data collection and case workflows to reduce errors and free up existing resources, leading to better health outcomes. Jurisdictions across the U.S. can also use this technology to scale their operations in line with new reporting requirements. 

We are committed to building a safer, more integrated public healthcare system using the latest data cleansing, processing, and authorization technologies. Learn about the impact we’ve made at the state and local level. 

What makes SSG’s public health projects stand out?

Founded in 2003, SSG partners with state and local health departments to create process-driven solutions to help them better serve their communities. Dozens of municipalities have used our signature product, Casetivity, to transform how they manage different functions of public health.

  • We have had ZERO project failures throughout our existence. 
  • We believe in stewardship over salesmanship. Our goal is to make it easier for our public health partners to do their jobs more effectively and help save lives instead of worrying about a vendor nickel-and-diming them.
  • We are more than software vendors; we are your partner in public health IT. Strategic Solutions Group LLC is composed of public health experts working to improve the healthcare system. We understand the challenges of implementing large scale systems. Every project is configured to the department’s needs with easily adjustable interfaces to help it stay flexible.
  • We offer a full suite of development services, including strategic planning, IT infrastructure analysis, project management and fulfillment, quality assurance, testing, training, and rollout support. Our team is standing by to make your project a success every step of the way. 

What are states saying about SSG’s public health software?

All types of state and local health departments use our top-rated public health software, including the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, Florida Department of Health, and Iowa Department of Health, to name a few.

Massachusetts DPH has been using Casetivity for its Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP), Early Intervention (EI) services, and MDPH Immunization Division, including to verify consumer vaccination status during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It has been a night and day experience for us after implementing SSG’s Early Intervention Application, and the results we’ve seen have been tremendous. Best of all, we have the flexibility to quickly adapt our system for changing policies and procedures and feel like our system can grow and evolve with us in the future. We highly recommend SSG for any other Early Intervention programs looking to upgrade and make a change!” said the MDPH.

“This is the BEST, EASIEST, MOST EFFICIENT MASS.GOV device I have ever used… This was brilliant!” said an MA consumer after trying the vaccine access portal. 

“In the words of my sister (who just submitted her amendment form yesterday afternoon and already has her QR code, ‘Who are these superheroes???’ [I] can’t stop singing my praises about this rollout!” said a state employee.

The Acting Director of Massachusetts CLPPP also shared her praises: “From project management and business analysis to system design, development, and implementation, SSG has been an amazing partner to work with every step of the way. Prior to working with SSG, we had an outdated and inflexible system that made it extremely difficult to achieve what we wanted. SSG’s comprehensive CLPPP solution has adapted to our evolving needs, so we’ve been able to streamline operations and gain the efficiencies we have always talked about.”

Why choose SSG for public health software?

There are dozens of software programs marketed to public health departments and medical providers, but many aren’t designed specifically for public health. They mostly rely on data collection technology from other industries without accounting for the complexity of collecting personal health data, which must remain private by law. The stakes are high when collecting this data, considering every report could be a matter of life and death. 

Casetivity was designed by and for public health professionals to ensure they use the proper tools to conduct their operations. Casetivity has open APIs and is compatible with many file types to improve interoperability with a user-friendly interface that can easily be configured as the situation evolves. SSG is also an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner, utilizing the latest engagement and scalability solutions. 

Casetivity uses the best architecture for health organizations to accelerate the flow of personal health data. The application is stateless to reduce computing resources. Auto-healing identifies potential problems in the code for faster remediation. The auto-scaling feature adjusts processing power to increase uptime. Public health data is stored in the cloud for improved accessibility and centralized security. 

Public health departments must stay flexible in today’s rapidly changing digital ecosystem. Our software solution is designed to help you meet emerging challenges without overextending your resources. Contact SSG to discover how Casetivity can transform your public health department today.