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Early Intervention Systems: The Digital Transformation of Early Childhood Intervention

Posted on August 11th, 2022   |   SSG

Few things are more stressful to a parent than finding out their child has, or is at risk for, a disability or developmental delay. Thankfully, early intervention (EI) is available to help children adapt to or even overcome these complications. And while EI services can work wonders for children with these challenges, their practitioners rely on data and records. And ensuring shared access to health data for children is easier said than done.

This is why SSG is especially proud of Casetivity-EI, our Early Intervention Platform, developed to empower health departments to collect and use data quickly and effectively. This system can help young children get the services they need to thrive later in life. A child with learning issues will probably need an IEP in school. Getting a program in place even before they start kindergarten is preferable to waiting until the child is nearly a tween.

Casetivity-EI focuses on case management for children aged three and under with disabilities or developmental delays. Casetivity-EI provides all the early childhood intervention functionality public health specialists need, including robust data exchange, hyper-configurable case management, and strong security features.

How can public health organizations know which software solutions actually do what they claim to do? Looking at real-world deployments can show how products are helping state and local agencies fill gaps. A recent story in StateScoop, a top publication covering US state governments, covers how Virginia is using Casetivity-EI to radically improve medical services for young children. Our platform replaced a legacy system nearly 20 years old, empowering caseworkers to collect data in the field.

This feature alone is a massive upgrade, and is giving Virginia practitioners unprecedented visibility into community health. Casetivity-EI also includes a case management system and electronic medical records database available to the state’s 40 local providers. Catherine Hancock, an EI program manager for the Virginia behavioral health department, said, “Casetivity-EI is going to allow a lot of efficiencies for us to help at the state level for monitoring service delivery.”

Making the delivery of services for young children with disabilities or developmental delays that need early intervention services as seamless as possible is extremely important. A fundamental reimagining of how early intervention data systems operate will make a real difference in outcomes. At SSG, we are excited to be part of this revolution. We are gratified to see so many public health organizations turn to us to implement Casetivity-EI and better serve families that require part c services.

As we navigate the landscape of early childhood intervention in the digital era, it’s clear that technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of educational support. With advancements in digital solutions, there’s an opportunity to enhance the delivery of personalized, effective intervention strategies. Our Early Intervention Software is designed to bridge the gap between traditional methods and the digital future, offering a comprehensive platform that empowers professionals and families alike. Discover how this innovative software can transform early childhood intervention by exploring our detailed overview.