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Tools for Disease Forecasting Infographic | SSG

Posted on October 30th, 2023   |   SSG

Tools for Disease Forecasting Infographic

Tools for Disease Forecasting: Using Systems to Make Forecasting Possible and Effective

What is Disease Forecasting?

Public health departments track various factors related to the spread of disease to predict where and how fast it will spread in the future, so officials can introduce policies and provide resources that reduce the risk of infection.

When done correctly, forecasting will reduce the economic impact of the outbreak, improve the healthcare industry’s understanding of the disease, and ultimately help save lives.

Challenges of Disease Forecasting

Many departments use outdated electronic surveillance systems that keep data siloed in separate databases, which delays the release of the disease forecast while limiting its accuracy.

The forecast is only as reliable as the data being used to create it.

How SSG’s Casetivity Improves Disease Forecasting

Casetivity is a customizable, modular low-code platform designed to help public health departments create a configurable end-to-end process for disease forecasting, which can then be automated for continuous monitoring and surveillance.

How to Forecast the Spread of Disease with Casetivity

1. Data Collection

Public Health collects data related to the spread of disease, including:

  • Test results and infection rates
  • Reported symptoms
  • Vaccinations rates
  • School/work absences
  • Over-the-counter prescription sales

2. Data Sharing

Casetivity standardizes the format of the data before uploading it to a single interface for analysis and review.

Automatically cleanses and verifies the data for more accurate reporting

Complies with federal and state privacy laws while giving stakeholders access to essential information

Open and flexible business process engine for mapping out specific workflows and reconfiguring based on organizational needs

Allows staff to focus on the most important factors and variables for tracking the spread of disease

3. Forecasting Visibility

Casetivity provides data for disease forecasting and assessing the severity of the outbreak in the community.

If cases spike, the department can share its findings with the CDC and take steps to reduce the spread by focusing on the leading causes of infection.

The data informs public health announcements to give individuals and businesses up-to-date information on how they can protect themselves.

Ongoing analysis tracks trends over time to help providers and officials better understand the effects of the disease and how it spreads.

Contact SSG to learn more about Casetivity and how it is changing disease surveillance for the better.