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Posted on July 16th, 2021   |   SSG

SSG’s Blood Lead Surveillance System

Lead poisoning still presents a clear and present danger to our health and must remain a top priority in public health. However, outdated, disconnected systems, and inflexible technology add difficulty and cost to the administration of lead poisoning programs. SSG’s Blood Lead Surveillance System modernizes and streamlines activities for managing community lead poisoning prevention programs and cases.

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FAQs: Questions about Lead Poisoning

What is lead poisoning?

Lead poisoning is the accidental ingestion or inhalation of lead particles, commonly found in lead-based paint, buildings constructed before the mid-20th century, metal welding and cutting. Exposure to lead can lead to neurological changes and delays, nausea, and stomach pain, and even can be fatal at high levels.

How is the collected data utilized?

The SSG Lead Poisoning Prevention Solution collects information about those who test positive for lead poisoning, including their name, contact information, health symptoms, possible means of exposure, and current address. This allows public health officials to act fast in the event of an outbreak, so they can contain the hazard and minimize the number of people exposed. If the exposed person is a child, the solution will use address matching to automatically identify their parent or guardian to inform them of the diagnosis and potential environmental risks.

What are the key features of the Lead Poisoning Prevention Platform?

The SSG Lead Poisoning Prevention Solution uses geographic information systems to standardize address inputs and will flag duplicate entries to improve the accuracy of the report. The platform can also be used to conduct training sessions, track licensing of lead inspectors, quickly condense the data into organized reports, and manage cases on an individual, environmental, or provider basis. It will automatically upload and process various types of data, including lab reports, environmental inspections, and clinical notes regarding each patient’s condition.

View Lead Poisoning Prevention Application Explainer Video