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Posted on July 7th, 2021   |   SSG

Paper-based systems, reporting, compliance, and transition issues – these are just a few of the challenges Early Childhood Intervention professionals face on a daily basis. SSG’s Early Intervention Application is a solution that can eliminate all of these issues for Early Childhood Intervention professionals.

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FAQs: Questions about Early Intervention

What exactly is Early Intervention?

Early intervention is the process of administering healthcare, educational, and training services to parents of children with developmental disabilities, such as speech and physical therapy. It is a state-based public health program that connects parents and caregivers to professionals who can help them address their child’s needs in and out of the home. The point of early intervention is to identify disabilities in young children, so they can go on to lead a healthy, independent lifestyle.

How does the platform support public health decision making?

Public health officials use the Early Intervention (SSG) Early Intervention Application to track the number of children receiving these services and their health outcomes when applying for funding and reporting on the program’s success. Funding for special education and early intervention programs is largely determined by the number of children with disabilities and the amount of care required to help them lead a healthy, independent lifestyle. The department can also use the platform to monitor the success its early intervention services by tracking patient outcomes.

What kind of data does the platform collect and analyze?

The Early Intervention (SSG) Early Intervention program collects information about the child receiving care, including the nature of their disabilities, what type of care they require, where they live and where they are most likely to spend their time, so they can receive these services in a timely manner. Entries will also include provider notes on the child’s condition and/or development and contact information for the parents and/or guardians. It also includes information that can be used to monitor each child’s condition while tracking the services they have received as part of the program.

View Early Intervention Application Explainer Video